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The needs of the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem are extensive. All the properties under the jurisdiction of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad are cared for by the Mission. In some cases this means keeping a watchman or caretaker, in others - repairing a wall, house or cistern. The Mission supports all the clergy who serve at the convents, the monastics at Fara, and gives monthly allowances to the majority of sisters (those not on pension) at the Mount of Olives Convent. The Mission, also, pays all the expenses of keeping a person on duty in Jericho. Plus, there are office and travel expenses.

The Fund for Assistance to the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad sends monthly stipends. A few organizations make Christmas and Easter contributions. Without this help, the Mission would not be able to function and meet its day-to-day expenses. But time, weather, earthquakes and neglect, due to lack of funds in the past, have taken their toll on the churches and buildings.

Currently, the Mission is trying to raise money to finish major repairs to the church in Gethsemane and the belltower at the Mount of Olives as well as restoring the IV century Monastery of St. Chariton.  The Mission is, also, attempting to restore the Archimandrite's House at the Mount of Olives, which has a V century (circa) mosaic floor.  This house is needed to put all the offices of the Mission under one roof, and to have a place to receive important visitors and pilgrims, a very important aspect of life in the Near East.  The special expenses listed above can be met only through the kind support of friends, and we pray daily for all our benefactors.

Contributions can be made directly to the Mission, or the Synod of Bishops. (Make sure to earmark the cheque.) Contributions through the Synod of Bishops are tax deductible.

Russian Ecclesiastical Mission
P.O. Box 20164
Jerusalem 91200, Israel

New York Office
75 East 93rd Street
New York, NY 10128

Russian Ecclesiastical Mission, P.O. Box 20164, Jerusalem 91200, Israel,
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